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Cultural Miscommunication


This site is dedicated to the international traveler. It can help you, your company, your employees and even your friends create relationships and overcome  barriers that can develop between people in different countries. You can learn what to do and what not to do in a culturally diverse social situation to avoid disputes. We have even provided help for those who have run into a misunderstanding already and need further help to aid in solving the problem and moving  forward in a positive light.

There are two major forms of communication between cultures that you need to pay attention to when communicating cross-culturally. Verbal communication and non-verbal communication. 

As in every good help guide there are always things to do, and things not to do when traveling internationally. This website was specifically designed to assist in determining what those major things are. This is a broad guide that can help give crucial tips to form a lasting relationship with people from any kind of culture, however this does not replace doing your own homework.

Common Verbal Miscommunication Errors
Common Nonverbal Miscommunication Errors
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